Industry Experience

3W’s confidence derives from years of banking, lending and field examination experience. We have knowledge of all types of lending including ABL, commercial, supply chain finance, retail, wholesale, contract receivables, healthcare, government, floor planning, lender rediscount, to all types of industries – energy, agriculture, technology, transportation, staffing, healthcare and more.

Our management process includes a “real time” review during the onsite work with Microsoft Cloud based server applications. Instant collaboration adds intangible value and allows ideas and experience to be discussed while the work is in process. Experience, knowledge and teamwork.



Our commitment to you.

Integrity. 3W offers a trusted, reliable field examination report.

Efficiency. We are cost efficient and centrally located. We can maximize the hours to readily start work on nationwide customer sites with ease and flexibility. You’ll find our work communicates findings clearly. We provide continuing education including new software training and technology resources for faster manipulation of data and added value in our reporting.

Organized. We oversee the process from start to finish. We initiate contact to coordinate schedules. We create a request list for advance preparation and follow up to ensure receipt. We make ourselves available to discuss any questions, etc. We coordinate with you to ensure special issues and concerns are addressed.

Communicate. We communicate upward. Field examiners contact you with frequent updates, including a summary of discussions and other pertinent data at departure.

Consideration. 3W team members are professional, courteous and extremely capable. Every effort is given to accomplish the work with a great attitude and seriousness for efficiency. Customer service is high on the list of priorities. We work for you. If there is a need to ease difficult situations, you will lead and direct our team. We realize it’s your customer and we are here to assist you.

Expertise. 3W management thoroughly reviews reports and financial data before and in real-time during the field work, which provides an added level of expertise and experience to your field examination. Following report writing, another level of review is added to ensure that all field examinations are proofed and findings are articulated for easy reading and product consistency.

Turnaround. Reports are thorough and identify strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations are given as well as solutions. Our management team works diligently so that the reports are turned in promptly.

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